Plastik Plus services include design, prototype and production

tooling, fixtures, plastic molding and assembly.

Our Twigeeze brand horticultural products include, limb spreaders, and plant support systems, that are not only easy to use, but affordable as well.
Plastik Plus has developed ETL listed and DLC approved lighting, that is utilized in our very own shop.

  • Robert Brammer
    I met with Fred 25 years ago and discussed a product line that was about to take off. I hadn't much experience with injection molding or plastic for that matter. But Fred's confidence and history in our area set me at ease. We are still tooling a product a year with him and appreciate the professional farming manner Fred and his staff still employ. What's that you ask - professional farming manner? Take the latest Automotive QC requirements and back them up with a hand shake and a man who still thinks his worth and his word and you'll understand. Oh, he'll look you in the eye too with a smile.
    Robert Brammer