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Twigeeze Limbspreaders

Twigeeze are the time proven, molded plastic solution to help train unruly plant, and vegetative growth in fruit and ornamental trees. They were developed over thirty years ago by an orchardist who struggled with wooden spreaders and toothpicks. Spreaders are used to increase light penetration, and strengthen crotch angles of lateral limbs. Our plastic spreaders will not puncture tractor tires like metal and wire spreaders can. They are available in 7 sizes from 3 inches to 18 inches in overall length. Twigeeze are red for visibility because some commercial growers asked to have the ability to drive along and confirm they are still installed in the trees. Other colors in commercial quantities may be available upon special request.

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Vineeze Training Support

Replace your current zip tie or bread bag tie remedy with Vineeze! A plant restraint system that allows for minimal moment of flowers, tomatoes, vines, and other flexible or unruly plants. Our product easily wraps around bamboo stakes and tomato cages, encircling plant growth to add support to the overall system. They are available in three sizes, 1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch and available in 3 colors: green for concealment, red for visibility, and purple for single purpose use.

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Stakeeze Extra-Strength Growth Support

Stakeeze are a series of three lengths of molded plastic stakes. They feature protrusions to help engage restraint systems such as Vineeze to restrain plants. The protrusions include a stop slip point to restrict any possibility of sliding down the stake. They are made in three sizes, 10 inch, 15 inch, and 20 inch.

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Hydro-Root Hydration Delivery

Hydro root is the root to happy gardening promote water conservation while boosting production of all types of plants, including flowers, fruits, and vegetables, bushes and small trees. Our product is a 12 ounce leaf-shaped vessel that inserts into the ground right next to your plants. The small pattern of holes directs the flow of water directly to your roots rather than at ground level where it can be absorbed into the atmosphere. This direct root watering encourages the roots not only to flourish, but grow in a downward fashion rather than splaying across the surface of the soil, increasing drought resistance.

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Stake-It Ground Stake Receiver

Stake It is a tree and plant system consisting of a plastic receiver driven into the ground close to the tree or plant, a separate center spacer is inserted into the ground receiver, and the retention finial slides on to the stake top to provide an attachment for cords, ties, etc. An aluminum extrusion or bamboo section makes an excellent center spacer for Stake It. The aluminum or bamboo spacer is sold separately. Stake It is currently not available on Amazon.